Tuesday, 1 July 2008

grace jones' pre-concert film

You see that? That's Grace Jones' huge bendy head. Last month, she played at the Royal Festival Hall in London, for a one-off show and I'm really glad I went.

And before appeared in the flesh, a filmed version of Grace (huge, warped, massive) flickered on above the stage and started singing her forthcoming single. Pretty impressive, too, even if it wasn't a mile away from one of those 'effects' you get on apple mac webcams. Anyway - more bands should do intro-films (much like Devo do). There's my two-penneth.

You can read a review of Grace's gig here, if you like.

Edit (October 2008) - Turns out the film we watched his the video to her 'comeback' single - Corporate Cannibal.


the doodlers said...

For films as warmup acts, nothing beats The Eels, who last concert we saw, showed an autobiographical documentary complete with interviews and home movies. His dad: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Everett

was a famous scientist who helped developed the theory of quantum mechanics. Deep stuff.

Elliot said...

Aha - that sounds like the documentary he did for the BBC. I saw that, I think.