Monday, 29 November 2010

Thursday, 11 November 2010

influence map

(I'm a bit late to this, but) I've seen a fair few of these 'influence maps' on other cartoon blogs and fancied a go myself.

Of course, it's not exhaustive (how can it be) but it's fair to say that everyone on there has made want to pick up a pencil and have a go myself.

jarvis #2

As news of Pulp's reformation is all over the web, I've had another crack at drawing Jarvis Cocker (not the modern bearded version, as such, but certainly a more recent version than
this one).

It's just pencil and a quick bit of photoshopping at this stage, but I might work this up into something more finished.

windy day

Belvedere Station. 8.15am, 11th November. Click for larger, etc etc.