Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Happy Christmas

What you'll need
Some thin card, scissors, paper glue and a printer. And maybe an adult to help.

Step one
Print out the image below, and glue it onto the thin card.

Step two
Once the glue has dried, use your scissors and cut along the dotted lines. Now, being very careful, cut out the two blue circles.

Step three
Take the piece you have cut out, and fold it in two. This is the main part of your card.

Step four
Now add a greeting. Print out the image below and cut along the dotted lines.

Step five
Take the main part of your card, so the inside is facing you, and glue the message onto its right hand side.

Step six
Put your fingers through the holes, and give Father Christmas a pair of dancing legs!

And there you go. Happy Christmas from me to you. Have a great one.