Tuesday, 18 November 2008

blah blah

I was in the Gunmakers, in Clerkenwell, last Wednesday - waiting for Ant and trying to block out the drone from the next table.

An Italian woman was listening intently to her English friend bang on and on. The topics covered included; how great the English woman was at accents; how the English woman was from a posh part of the country but could hold her own in East London; how the English woman should really be an actress. There were other topics, too, and I'm sure you can guess them.

Anyway; rather than suppress the urge to shout 'shut up!' at the top of my lungs, I tried to draw the Italian woman in my sketchbook without getting rumbled.

(Apologies for the swear, mum, if you're reading this).

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miketoons said...

Perfectly understandable expletive. I love the glazed expression...