Thursday, 18 September 2008


Here's an 'old' one...

... by which I mean 'I did it ages ago, but it's only just come out'.

Grifter are a band from Plymouth. They make that kind of balls-out rock (I think that needed to be in bold) that's influenced by Black Sabbath, Scissorfight and Clutch. My mate Phil plays bass for them -and at the end of 2006(!), he asked if I'd draw a picture for the cover of the band's new CD. I said yes, Phil. I'll draw you a picture if you like.

That new CD finally got a release (of sorts) a month or so ago. In this interview, Ollie from the band explains the delay, and also mentions the cover and how the character I drew has been adopted as the band's mascot.

Be warned though, he does a swear.

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