Tuesday, 6 May 2008

1000 songs to change your life

Here's some snaps of my advance copy of '1000 songs to change your life'.

Rather than a book of lists (as the name may suggest) it's actually a collection of essays, which focus on topics from learning to love jazz-improvisation (think Eric Dolphy) to the role played by gender-bending in rock (think the New York Dolls).

I got to illustrate the ten lead essays from the book. So, from the top:

  • The cover (not by me)

  • An essay on how urban environments have shaped music

  • An essay on impossible-to-defend-yet-still-exhilirating rap

I know I would say this - but it's a great read. It'll be in the shops in a month or so, and you can pre-order it from amazon here.

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Rhodri said...

Looking trific.