Thursday, 24 April 2008

orange amps

More record sleeves....

My ears are still whining from the
Boris gig in London last night. Lots of feedback and fuzz guitar, lots of thrashing about, ridiculously over-the-top drumming. It was great fun but - oy - my ears.

Bizarrely, the t-shirts at the merchandise stall were plum awful. I say 'bizarrely', because their record sleeves have a strong sense of design and high-production values: take the cover to their last album,
Pink, for example. Or Akuma No Uta which rips off Nick Drake's Bryter Layter.

Anyway - for this post, here's the inner sleeve to their single Statement, with Wata from the band in front of a load of (every metaller's favourite) 'Orange' amps. The photo's by Miki Matsushima.

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